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Text any questions to: (856) 437-9058

Pressure Washer 2.3 Gallon Per Minute


Kärcher's G 2800 OC gas pressure washer was created specifically with homeowners in mind, offering the convenience of total control of the pressure washer at the spray wand. With this feature you can quickly adjust the pressure (PSI), the spray pattern and dispense detergent, all without the usual round trips to the pressure washer. Simply twist the Remote Pressure Control on the spray wand to easily adjust the pressure from 1600 to 2800 PSI, or rotate the spray nozzle to change the spray pattern from wide to narrow. Quickly dispense detergent automatically by pulling back the spray nozzle. "Total control at the spray wand" eliminates the usual work interruptions when using a pressure washer, as well as the uncertainty of which nozzle to choose, greatly speeding up the cleaning process and delivering on the Kärcher promise: Cleaner. Quicker

MODEL # G2800 OC

2800 PSI

2.3 GPM